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We are excited to share enthusiasm for protecting the world’s largest trout species. At The Taimen Fund, our mission is to prevent illegal killing of hucho taimen in Mongolia by enforcing local laws and regulations against poaching, and by promoting sustainable fishing and natural reproduction.

We are grateful for your donations, which we apply quickly and directly to projects that keep taimen where they belong--in the beautiful rivers of Mongolia. Our two-part approach has proven successful since our inception in 2009. We have focused efforts on poaching patrols and on the National Taimen Awareness Campaign. The poaching patrols currently target the Eg-Uur Watershed in Mongolia’s Hovsgol Province. Here, patrollers help enforce Mongolia’s catch-and-release law. The National Taimen Awareness Campaign helps engage locals who live in settlements along taimen watersheds about taimen protection.

We thank those who have invested in the conservation of this wonderful species, and have helped make this program so successful. Please take a moment to read about taimen conservation and our team. We look forward to working with you and keeping you informed, so do check back with us for regular updates.


Charlie Conn, Executive Director