The goal of the national taimen conservation campaign is to bring about greater awareness of and pride in Hucho hucho taimen (taimen) on a national level in Mongolia, leading to behavioural change to protect taimen and its habitat. With governmental and non-governmental partners, and through generous funding from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund we built on taimen conservation efforts in small watersheds (the Eg-Uur, Delger and Onon) by expanding the messaging and conservation practices broadly, using these tools:

·      The regular advice and guidance from a project advisory team of American and Mongolian scientists, outfitters, and government and non-government representatives.

·      Pre- and post-campaign surveys with anglers and other community stakeholders to measure behavioural change to protect the species.

·      A media campaign using a campaign logo, presentations, distribution of educational materials developed during the campaign, and television broadcast. News stories include those in the   Mongolian Daily News [national newspaper, September 2013], in Khentiin Medee [local newspaper, July 2013], and Facebook at “The Taimen Fund” and “Mongolian Fly Fishing Association.”

·      Signage in international airports, and poster distribution in soums (towns)

·      Engagement with fishing clubs and distribution of taimen campaign hats with logos

·      Building partnerships with local governments, ministries and schools to celebrate taimen.

The campaign hinged on a core campaign statement: “We believe in the conservation and sustainability of taimen, the pride and symbol of Mongolia’s pristine nature, and in the people who have potential for conservation wisdom.” This slogan, printed outreach materials, and posters were distributed to rangers, local protection agencies, organizations and community members broadly in the following areas:

·      Arkh Province: Undur-Ulaan, Jargalant, Chuluum, Ikh Tamir and Tsetserleg soums

·      Uvurkhangai Province: Kharkhorin

·      Bulgan Province: Teshig, Khutag-Undur, Orkhon, Selenge soums and Khantai bagh

·      Khuvsgul Province: Tsagaan-Uur, Renchinlkhubme, Tsagaan-Nuur, Ulaan-Uul, Tumurbulag, Rashaant, Erdenenbulgan, and Bayanzurkh soums

·      Dornod Province: Bayan-Uul and Khalkh Gol soums

·      Central Province: Mungun Morit and Erdene soums

·      Khentii Province: Batshireet, Binder, Bayan-Adragan. Dadal and Norvolin soums

·      Selenge Province: Eruu, Orkhon, Mandal, Bauangol and Tushig soums

·      Cities: Darkhan, Erdenentm Baga-Nuur, Murun, Bulgan, and Zuunkharaa


The Taimen Fund is currently seeking funds to continue to build this campaign. Click here to view the report of the 2013 campaign outcomes.