Partnerships among Sweetwater Travel/Hovsgol Travel, U.S. and Mongolian taimen scientists, The Taimen Fund and domestic and international anglers have helped protect the taimen fishery in Mongolia’s Eg-Uur watershed. The Taimen Fund began its work in 2009 to engage poaching patrols (River Keepers) in the valley to confront and educate illegal anglers.

Poaching is a significant threat to the survival of taimen as the rivers become more accessible from Ulaanbaatar due to road improvements. Without adequate safeguards, poaching will only increase. Mongolia’s Ministry of Environment and Green Development has instituted catch-and-release, single-hook-barbless regulations for all taimen fishing in Mongolia. However, without an increase in enforcement, these regulations may not be enough to help protect taimen for future generations. The Taimen Fund is dedicated to enforcement of taimen fishing regulations all year long, even when outfitters are not present to monitor local poaching activity.